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I am in desperate need of help, I can't pay my rent and face eviction. We'll end up on the streets with two kids.

karrie started this conversation

I need help paying my rent.  My boyfriend is disabled and we can't get any help for him. I had a job making $7.00 an hour and things were starting to look up but then I lost that job.  I just now found a new job making$6.95 and hour and now I have fallen behind in my rent I owe two months and they want to evict us within a couple of weeks.  I promise pay back anyone who helps as much as I can.  I am also facing health problems of my own but I go out to work eveyday.  I just need help.  I want to believe that people still care about others.  My name is Karrie and I'm  35 years old. I need about $1500.00 to get caught up.

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I wish I could help you. Have you thought of roommates?
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I am a father of 2, came to South Africa in 2007 to look for something better for my family due to situations in Zimbabwe.but was meant to be a place of safety became nightmare for me and my family. I have never been employed in well paying job making it difficult for us to make ends meet, like paying rent,food, and my biggest concern sending my children to school.We do not qualify for any gvt assistance as we foreign nationals.I need help in funding for my childrens education.
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i just payed all my bills i dont have the rent 4 april its 400 or im on the strees im in bad healte i will die if i get put out i have cancer & a brain sis i just neen help this mo please help me ty my god love all of us my phone 6093648488
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KimberlyAM   in reply to amber1st1988
I am so sorry to hear about your difficult situation. Have you applied for state medical and food benefits through DSHS?
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amber1st1988   in reply to sheli

My husband passed away almost 3 months ago,I was with him ever since
I was 15years old and i and now i am a 23 year old mother with two children.I work,My children and i are having rough times. My husbands funeral, bills, babysitting costs, food,diapers and oh so much more that i am trying my best to balance.... I also have other debt i am trying to work out of...My children arent covered by insurance yet..
We are denied help so i take them to emergency care to be seen for check ups since no one will take them in at a regular husband and i were having trouble with our mortgage before his passing although im now going to be without a home soon. So please,im asking sincerely for your help today.I know just like many others i am also in need of help. I have helped many in the passed and still do what i can til this day.My children are my everything and i have been in a shelter before and hope i do not have to return back to that lifestyle with my kids.I dont know if this site works but if itndoes i can have hope and my faith that i still hold on to thank every each of you that are willing to help my children and i.
I am thankful for any amount of money you can help out with..I dont usually ask for help because im prideful and like when i can support myself and my children though...right now If i could get 100 or more a month i'd be Thankful so
Thank you,Thank you ,Thank you a millons Thank you's.Ive helped people my whole life and If i receive help,Thank you all in advance .Please send money to this link
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I am in need of some help with mt rent. anything that anyone has will help me out. so if you can help me and my children please let me know. Thank you and have wonderful day.
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i need help with 400 like now 586-625-6307 dana
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 in response to Mile.high_girl...   call your local dhs office they help me and im bye my self
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My name is Becky..We are a family of four, renting an apartment, we have never had to ask for help or fell behind on our bills untill recently.We dont have the rent paid for august whitch is due on the 1st! My boyfriend of 5 years and father of my kids was working full time and got laid off, he got put on unemployement and was suppose to recieve payments till december, well that isnt working out and they cut him off, now we are struggling to pay next months rent!  We would need around 900.00 to pay rent and excel,If theres anyone that can help us please do!   god bless everyone in our situations!   :-)

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You need to think of buying gold and silver bullions with your money.  There are homes that are for sale for less than 1 months rent in Detroit due to forclosure.  Since you are making rock bottom wages anyway, you may as well as go to Detroit and work part time for minimum wage knowing that at least you are now only having to pay for utilities and food.  Sure life will not be hunky dory, but you will have equity.  When the economy turns around, you will be able to sell it for a profit.  (And even if you don't, for a dollar a roof over your head is a bargain.) 

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I noticed this was placed in 2007. Did you find help? Do you mind sharing your story as to how you survived? Others may find it helpful and inspiring.

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well i need money to move deposit or is it some one behind in there house payment own there house need some one to take over in grandrapids michigan ..................dedee....reach me @ thank you and God bless
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family man1
in response to...

I feel ya on your situation it sounds just like mine, all we need is a little help to get caught up and ill probably never have to ask people for help again. Then i can start helping other people.. I would love to be well enough off that i could help someone else..

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I don't have an answer for you but I do have a comment. I am a little upset about the help that there is available. I can't believe that there is nothing out there to help. I am in the same situation. I owe over $4000 in rent because of a mistak that my apartment complex made. It's subsidized housing and they lost a paper of mine that said no one in my house was no longer working so they are charging me rent based on 30% of earned income when there was none. I am wondering how we(the government) can pay for so many things such as trail groomers for snowmobiles, federal cllege aid for students that only stay in college long enough to get the checks and to keep people off the streets in other countries when we can't seem to help those right here in our own country. I might be ok if I could get the child support that is owed to me but I guess we don't need to support our children during the divorce becausde I don't get anything until the divirce papers are signed. So if he never signs the papers, I don't get support. I can tell you this....WHEN I get out of this mess, I am going to do something, if I have to do it alone to get people to understand that we need alot more things than nicely groomed trails for our snowmobilers or frat parties for college students. My email is if you would like to send me a comment about this. Good luck to you and I hope you don't lose your house.

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